otherwise known as Nick Bailey

Who now?

Nick Bailey; known to the world as "Skuzzle".
The wizard behind the late Skuzzle Motorsport.
Tuner, Designer, Racing Driver, Engineer.

The "Skuzzle" name started way back in college as lead guitarist of a pretty lame rock band called "Skuzzle".

The band continued in some form until around 2010 by which time the community of MX5Nutz were well aware of "Skuzzle" due to the helpful posts from a user of that name.

This led on to Skuzzle Motorsport Ltd forming and becoming the place to go for improving the performance of your Mazda MX5.

What now?

Skuzzle Motorsport Ltd was eventually wrapped up in 2020 when the first Covid-19 outbreak popped up.

It wasn't due to this that the business closed but the fact that it is hard to do your best work when your day is spent dealing with finances, suppliers and phone calls.

I moved on to find more family time and less stress.

Why now?

This website has come about by demand from the community.

What happened to "Skuzzle"?
Where did he go?
Who will tune my car now?
What else can "Skuzzle" do?

Well lets start by clicking on Find Me and see where that leads.